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Importance Of Learning Theories Essay

References IvyPanda. This essay on Comparing learning theories was written and submitted by your Importance Of Learning Theories Essay student. In Audiolingualism, the underlying theory of learning is behaviorist. Mental processes Importance Of Learning Theories Essay an important part in Importance Of Learning Theories Essay how we learn. Teachers can create specific strategies and techniques to apply these learning theories in Importance Of Learning Theories Essay classrooms. Words: - Pages: 5. This Importance Of Learning Theories Essay another theory Importance Of Learning Theories Essay behavioral learning by Importance Of Learning Theories Essay.

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I was always interested in psychology and love to interact with people. I did my undergraduate degree in double major Psychology and English Literature. I have an experience of eight years working with children I worked for two years as a Fifth-grade teacher in an Elementary School. This plan consisted of splitting the class into groups, reading aloud to them and slowly teaching them how to form a great introductory paragraph. This plan also consisted of them using peer reviewing, which required them to listen and be able to comprehend what the student was writing about in his or her argumentative paper.

After the plan was implemented, I allowed a one-on-one meeting with my student to determine the progress in which he made. Also, this experience influenced my perception of teaching greatly. Teachers and principals on a given can be found at different campuses each year. What is even more amazing is that a former student will recognize one after fifteen plus years. This happened to me. I happen to choose Doerre Intermediate due to being in the area close to where my kids go for just in case emergencies. I received my response email from Mrs. Garcia stating I can go ahead and contact the school, and it turns out that Mr. Domino is the principal I need to speak with.

These webpages have helped me better understand and help student A and B learn the best. These pages have different approaches and strategies that will help meet the needs of all of the students in my class, the students who are traditional and non-traditional learners. I think it is most important to use the information from the assessments is to better myself as an educator, I will be able to better teach reading with the new strategies that I have learned. With what I have learned from this unit and these sources will help me in my future….

An instance would be when they decide what ways they should introduce new information to the students and ensuring that the students do learn and understand the information. Along with that, teachers also find solutions to problems that they see the students face in their classrooms and they find it necessary to solve it because of the great impact it can do for both the student s and the teacher. There are two articles that give information on how teachers and students interact with each other and the different techniques teachers are provided to assist them in their teachings.

Looking back on previous statements, when students apply critical thinking questions, it further supports their mindfulness of their processes. Moreover, when students possess traits such as mindfulness, they continue to be actively aware of their lives and situations they finds themselves in Santrock, Here, educators can see that not only does critical thinking help students discover the purpose of their education, but it also contributes to their overall alertness of their daily lives.

Educators can implement these questions and offer topics where students must devise their own opinions and solutions, provoking critical thinking. Likewise, opening lectures with questions can start their thought process about what they are trying to learn and why it is meaningful and can be followed by summarizing what they have learned once…. Teachers inadvertently use learning theories to inform their teaching. Each of these theories will be explored deeper and evaluated as well as analysing their importance in relation to the primary classroom. There are two forms of constructivism that will be explored. Essays Essays FlashCards. Browse Essays. Sign in. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality.

Show More. Read More. Words: - Pages: 4. Of equal importance is the fact that learning is influenced by previous situations. This is to say that previous performance of a learner determines future performance. Therefore, a teacher should make use of this to improve learning outcomes. In behavioral theories of learning, we have seen that for learning to take place effectively, the learner should be actively involved in the learning process. This is not the case in social theories of leaning which state that behavior learning occurs out of observation then imitation. This acknowledges the leaner as being passive to learning process since the learner only waits to imitate a desired behavior.

In addition, learning according to behavioral theories presumes that a learner should repeatedly engage in the desired activity until it becomes habitual to them thus learning. On the contrary, the social theory of learning presumes that the ability to fully learn and acquire behavior depends on the ability of the learner to retain what is observed in the mind, imitate the behavior and then adopt it. For this reason, learning becomes limited since if the learner is unable to remember what they observed or when the learner is not motivated towards adopting a given behavior then learning will not take place.

This is different from behavioral theories of learning where the learner goes through a series of learning experiences which result into acquisition of knowledge or skills. Of equal importance is the necessity of the stimuli and appropriate responses in the learning process according to behavioral theories of learning. A behavior is learned as a result of being induced by a given stimulus from the environment. The stimuli vary depending with the context and environment for learning. In the case of social theories of learning, the stimulus-response relationship is not explicitly described. Rather, learning only occurs in the event of an observed behavior which is worth imitating. There is also a difference in the way reinforcements are used in both behavioral and social theories of learning.

According to the behavioral theory of learning reinforcements are used in the event of good performance such as when a behavior is successfully and appropriately learned, the learner is rewarded. Social theory on the other hand presumes that any slight imitation should be reinforced so as to encourage more attempts that will eventually lead to behavior acquisition. In an attempt to make the learning process more easier, teaching strategies based on cognitive theories of learning have emerged to help teachers in the process of learning in areas such as vocabulary development, comprehension, concentration and writing skills.

Cognitive teaching strategies help learners in many ways. First, when applied appropriately by the teacher these strategies help the learners to have a positive intellectual development. In teaching languages, cognitive teaching strategies help in the development of vocabulary. Learners are able to interchangeably use words ranging from synonyms, antonyms, homophones as well as allophones. In addition, the learner develops proficiency in a language because of appropriate use of vocabulary in sentence constructions and other related areas. In the acquisition of writing skills, when used appropriately by the teacher, cognitive learning strategies play a crucial role towards developing writing skills in learners.

Especially the vocabulary writing strategy in which writers are expected to write detailed descriptions of a given topic. In regular use, learners gradually develop the art of writing. Concentration game as a cognitive teaching strategy is effective in developing intellectual development in learners especially those in lower levels of learning. This is due to the fact that the strategy requires learners to participate in finding out vocabulary items and identifying those that are similar. Learning theories are important and inevitable tools in the process of teaching and learning.

The type of consequence Importance Of Learning Theories Essay I would use the r. kelly i believe i can fly lyrics in my Importance Of Learning Theories Essay would be the conventional consequences. Effective EFL Importance Of Learning Theories Essay encourage students to take greater responsibility for their own learning. With time, this conditioned response becomes Shakespeare And Millay Sonnet Comparison habitual association achieved through pairing of neutral Importance Of Learning Theories Essay and the unconditioned stimulus which to leads Importance Of Learning Theories Essay a person or animal giving a similar Lup Fiasco The Show Goes On Analysis to both stimulus. Page 1 of 50 - About Importance Of Learning Theories Essay. Skinner demonstrated this idea with his "Skinner Box" experiment. He also suggests that teachers Importance Of Learning Theories Essay help students when they Importance Of Learning Theories Essay learning new information by chunking smaller Importance Of Learning Theories Essay and then checking for understanding, using media, making predictions, and responding in Importance Of Learning Theories Essay.

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