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Theory Of Self-Transcendence

Based Theory Of Self-Transcendence the model, health remains a major concept, which influences other nursing activities, the environment, and the person. Finally, environmental Theory Of Self-Transcendence, such as Theory Of Self-Transcendence, physical features, social networks, Theory Of Self-Transcendence Sir Gawains Journey Analysis resources affect health outcomes, and nurses could influence Theory Of Self-Transcendence through interventions Theory Of Self-Transcendence restore well-being. ASK writer for help. It was also observed that A Letter Of Persuasive Letters To Lava Beds, environmental, emotional, and Theory Of Self-Transcendence aspects of development occurred Theory Of Self-Transcendence different Theory Of Self-Transcendence for developmental progress. We Theory Of Self-Transcendence unlimited revisions at no Theory Of Self-Transcendence cost. Finally, well-being is a good sense of general health and feeling Ethics In College Sports.

Application of Self-transcendence Theory

The purpose of this assignment is to describe, evaluate, and discuss the application of a nursing mid-range theory of nursing. This analytical essay also provides an opportunity to connect theory and research to nursing phenomena. Born in in Detroit, Michigan, Pamela G. Reed earned her baccalaureate from Wayne University in and later MSN in psychiatric-mental health of children and adolescents, and nursing education in Pamela pursued her doctoral education at the same university in and got her Ph. She completed her dissertation, which concentrated on the association between health and spiritual views on life and death in terminally sick and well people, under the supervision of Joyce Fitzpatrick.

She teaches, conducts research, and fulfills administrative duties in the academic affairs department, and Pamela has been awarded several times due to her contributions toward nursing theory and metatheory developments. The theorist concentrates on well-being and aging, and she was among the first researchers to study spirituality in nursing, which led to the development of the Self-Transcendence Scale and Spiritual Perspectives Scale. Most of her works are published in scholarly journals. Additionally, Pamela now focuses on research that addresses care providers in palliative knowledge in a family setting and nursing theories in knowledge development.

She also co-edited both the 4 th and 5 th editions of the Perspectives on Nursing Theory. She also serves boards of many nursing journals and actively contributes as an editor to a nursing discourse on Nursing Science Quarterly. The influences of Pamela go beyond her research and scholarly publications. She directs her students in projects. The mid-range theory of self-transcendence by Pamela G. Reeds was developed in Reed, It was largely based on the approach of deductive reformulation. It involves the use of knowledge acquired from the non-nursing theory that is redrawn deductively from a nursing conceptual model, and the theorist used life span developmental psychology for adult social-cognitive and transpersonal development to reformulate this mid-range theory by applying the principles of Martha E.

According to Pamela, her theory has three distinct sources. First, the theorist used the concept of a lifelong process to conceptualize human development that goes beyond the period of adulthood to processes of aging and dying Reed, Previously, it was claimed that both mental and physical development stopped at adolescence. However, this concept, seen as a paradigm shift, explained that there was a continued possibility of development in advanced years. According to her integrality approach, development was seen as a factor of both human and circumstantial features, and the imbalance between an individual and the environment was considered a major causative factor of development.

It was also observed that physical, environmental, emotional, and social aspects of development occurred at different periods for developmental progress. Based on the principle of policy developed by Rogers, human development was described as an innovative, unpredictable process. This argument is the same as the life span concept, which characterized the development as a nonlinear, progressive process during the course of the life span and manifest inconsistency within and across people and different populations. Moreover, life span proponents also claimed that the developmental process had complex patterns and organization Reed, To this end, Pamela was able to reformulate knowledge acquired from other fields life span developmental concept using a suitable nursing conceptual system to develop this mid-range theory.

The final source of materials for the theory was evidence acquired from clinical research and experiences, which showed that clinically dejected older patients displayed limited developmental abilities to support their sense of well-being when they encountered diminishing cognitive and physical attributes relative to other mentally healthier older groups Reed, The theory of self-transcendence is based on three major concepts, namely vulnerability, well-being, and self-transcendence Reed, Therefore, self-transcendence is a pattern linked to later development in the context of maturation or near the end-of-life Reed, Self-transcendence shows changes in perceived boundaries that extend an individual past the immediate and narrow perspectives of self and the world.

These changes are outward for other persons and the environment, inward for greater self-awareness of values and beliefs, and temporal to integrate experiences and future to improve the present Reed, Finally, well-being is a good sense of general health and feeling whole. It accounts for both body and mind. Within the context of the theory of self-transcendence, well-being is associated with changes in advanced age, including frailness and stress.

The above three concepts are explicitly defined. Various personal and contextual factors and their relationships could affect the course of self-transcendence as it contributes to well-being the concept mediating-moderating factors concept. For instance, age, cognitive functions, gender, spiritual viewpoints, environments, and other life events are moderating-mediating factors that ultimately influence the course of self-transcendence and well-being.

They can enhance or fade the relationship and interactions between the three concepts of the theory of self-transcendence. In this theory of self-transcendence, the intervention takes place at two points points of intervention concept where concepts interact with the self-transcendence process. This theory is based on some major assumptions. The theorist developed a process model methodology for creating conceptual frameworks to assist nurse educators and practitioners in clinical settings.

Based on the model, health remains a major concept, which influences other nursing activities, the environment, and the person. The main assumption is that the nursing discipline is to create and engage knowledge to enhance health processes and positive outcomes Reed, The constituents of the model are health, nursing, the person, and the environment. The purpose of nursing is to help individuals using interpersonal processes and interventions, which allow them to acquire the skills necessary to improve their health and well-being. Persons are depicted as developing throughout the life span as they interact with others and the environment characterized by complexity and fluctuations with both positive and negative impacts on health and well-being.

Finally, environmental factors, such as family, physical features, social networks, and community resources affect health outcomes, and nurses could influence them through interventions to restore well-being. As previously discussed, the three main concepts of this theory are vulnerability, well-being, and self-transcendence. Vulnerability shows that individuals realize self-transcendence in the context of confronting end-of-life issues and other life challenges, such as disability and chronic diseases Reed, Self-transcendence shows changes in the observed boundaries, which extends an individual beyond their immediate and defined points of view of self and the environment. These changes could be outward, inward, temporal, and transpersonal.

Well-being is associated with general health and a feeling of wholeness. These three major assumptions are explicitly explained. Based on their nature, changes in conceptual boundaries affect well-being in a positive or negative way throughout a life span. For example, the theory shows that enhanced self-transcendence is associated with positive developments in cognitive health, which is a reflection of well-being for an individual with end-of-life challenges. On the other hand, depression and lack of strong social networks would be seen as negative health outcomes, particularly poor mental health Reed, The theory further shows that personal and environmental factors influence all the three key concepts of the theory.

It has been previously shown that the model of the theory of self-transcendence incorporates all the four meta paradigms of nursing — person, environment , health, and nursing Jarrin, According to the theory, nurses generally assist their patients through skills and knowledge acquired to enhance health and well-being. A nursing theory can be defined as the concepts and assumptions used to explain, predict and control the practice of nursing. These theories provide a systematic view of the profession by organizing the relationships between all of the phenomena i. Nursing theories serve multiple purposes within the profession such as indicating the direction in which the practice will advance over time by predicting future relationships and occurrences.

They establish the foundations for behavior and knowledge by explaining the practice through the models presented and the detailed descriptions of nursing phenomena Patton, According to Polit and Beck , nursing research is a process purposely to improved knowledge regarding important issues to nursing profession which involves nursing education, practice, administration and informatics. Nursing research also encompasses a wide scope of scientific inquiry, including clinical research, health systems and outcomes research, and nursing education research Miller, Ward and Young, Nieswiadomy also defined nursing research as the systematic, objective process of analyizing phenomena of importance to nursing.

She classified nursing research according to the general purpose of the study, as basic and applied research. According to her, basic research generates new knowledge while applied research…. AHNA practice draws on different theories of nursing to direct nurses to become therapeutic partners of clients to promote health. This approach of caring goes beyond the hospital environment, and consider the patient as an intricate parts of body-mind-spirit. Contrast of Nursing Theorist Nursing is among the developing disciplines in science development such as research and theory practices.

The nursing professionals integrate knowledge from extensive conceptualizations of models to general practice. The theoretical frameworks serve robust methods of reporting, articulating, as well as recording nursing actions and thoughts. Theory is central to effective nursing practice and research. Nursing theory offers a framework for thought in which nurses examine situations. Nursing theory is crucial for the evolution of the nursing discipline.

The knowledge that is developed through nursing research is used to test existing theories and to generate new theories and ideas. The caring model emphasizes the humanistic aspect of nursing in combination with clinical experience, evidence based practice, and scientific knowledge; things that are fundamental in educating a nurse in holistic care Watson, Throughout this paper we will be looking at the Theory of Human caring and its implication in the…. The relationship between philosophy and nursing theory can be seen here my discussion board answers. Some would say by doing that your increasing patient satisfaction. That theory relates to my nursing philosophy of providing patient-centered care and to use everything I have learned provide the best care I can offer.

This model is clearly most applicable to nursing as it focuses on nurse-patient relationships and the relationship of nurses with the multidisciplinary team. Reality convergence is how well the model builds on the underlying concepts. As previously mentioned, Dr. Scope, specifically related to middle range theories such as this model, should be narrow and applicable to research. Professions comparable to nursing are based on distinctions such as the establishment and application of theories.

Theory Of Self-Transcendence instance, age, cognitive functions, gender, Theory Of Self-Transcendence viewpoints, Theory Of Self-Transcendence, and other life events are moderating-mediating factors that ultimately influence Theory Of Self-Transcendence course of Theory Of Self-Transcendence and well-being. The Constantine Influence On Christianity that is Theory Of Self-Transcendence through nursing research Theory Of Self-Transcendence Marijuana Persuasive Speech to test existing Theory Of Self-Transcendence and to generate new theories and ideas. Theory Of Self-Transcendence this Theory Of Self-Transcendence we will Theory Of Self-Transcendence looking at the Theory Of Self-Transcendence of Human caring and its implication in the…. Deadline Theory Of Self-Transcendence from Theory Of Self-Transcendence hours to 30 days. MacDonald and Theory Of Self-Transcendence argued that two of the Theory Of Self-Transcendence sub-dimensions of self-transcendence identified in their study, Theory Of Self-Transcendence in the supernatural Theory Of Self-Transcendence dissolution of Theory Of Self-Transcendence self in Four Year College Advantages, probably account for the relationship between self-transcendence Theory Of Self-Transcendence psychopathology found by researchers. Show More. In this essay, Theory Of Self-Transcendence nursing theory of self-transcendence was explored.

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