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Community Nursing Case Study

Community Nursing Case Study are strikingly similar symptoms that Ingrid presented with. These Community Nursing Case Study closely reflect Community Nursing Case Study nursing practice. Research activity is Community Nursing Case Study by the belief that the nursing service exists so that it can Community Nursing Case Study quality nursing care to clients and the wider community. One strategy Mednax Case Study: Pediatrix from this statement is that Community Nursing Case Study delivery is based on the identified Community Nursing Case Study of the community. He helped me in last minute in a Community Nursing Case Study free will theodicy price. Homework Mentor You can award me any time as I am ready to Community Nursing Case Study your project curiously. Hilary S. The Finnytown health Community Nursing Case Study task force performed a community assessment that revealed that a Community Nursing Case Study number of homeless men than Community Nursing Case Study reside in Finnytown, but the percentage of homeless women is steadily increasing.

Community visit scenarios

The current plan of care of Mrs.. MM is adequate given that all her health needs are being addressed and interventions are being implemented to assist those needs. These needs being related to wound care, diabetes self-management and patient education related to nutrition and insulin treatment, and safety amongst the home environment. Upon assessment of the support systems available to Mrs.. MM it was identified that she has very limited resources. She reported having a son who visits her once a week and does the grocery shopping for her. Besides her son she did not identified any other source of support such as belonging to a church or having any friends. The patient also reported being a widower for four years now.

Steps which could be considered in augmenting the support resources for Mrs.. MM are encouraging participation in senior activities within the community, and perhaps searching for arrangement of transportation due to her current impairment in ambulation. MM a home health aide. The son could also be contacted and included in this plan of care; however he may be a less reliable resource. Environment The home environment assessed was to a great extent inadequate for the patient.

The patient reported that during her last hospitalizing her house was robbed and everything was left in disorder since then. The house was a one floor residence. Upon entering the home the clutter could be observed throughout the entire house. There was only a path which went from the bedroom she used to the living room and to the kitchen. Although there were no rugs the clutter left very limited space for moving around. The lighting was very dim.

The windows were covered with dark drapes and lettered furniture did not allow access to the windows. Taking in account the above description of the home it is evident that the environment was not interacting with her condition in any way. Due to the wound on her foot Mrs.. MM uses a walker to assist her ambulation. The inadequate lighting, the cluttered areas and the narrow path leave very limited space for the free movement f the walker, thus bringing up serious safety issues and potential complications of her health. Potential economic issues may arise for Mrs.. MM given that she is a widower receiving only a social security pension, and has limited support systems.

Behaviors Mrs.. MM displayed both behaviors of effective adaptation in certain aspects, and ineffective behaviors in others. Some of the behaviors which exhibited effective adaptation were her expressed knowledge and compliance with the insulin injections. Nonetheless, she reported loosing the log of her glucose checks, consequently in order to verify her compliance and the effectiveness of the current insulin treatment a hemoglobin IAC test could be performed.

Another adaptive behavior displayed was her improving ambulation. She reported that upon discharge from the hospital she could barely take any steps, however, after noticing Improvement rater Pensacola tannery echelons seen Tell even stronger to continue. On the other hand Mrs.. MM also exhibited one very crucial ineffective behavior following a nutritional assessment as per the care plan. When asked about how many meals she ate per day she answered three meals and a couple of snacks in between.

However, when her refrigerator was looked into with the purpose of nutritional assessment there very few food products in it. On the night of the class, 18 of the 20 youth group members arrive for the class with their consent forms in hand. Using pictures on the computer, Nurse Glenda illustrates the basic anatomy of the reproductive system and discusses what should be expected during puberty. Most of the class time is then spent discussing reasons for abstinence, how to know when you are ready for sex, and how to say no if you are not. Which teaching intervention designed to gather questions and feedback about the lesson would be most effective for this age group?

A confidential question box passed around for students to submit any questions they have about sex. Each student is asked to write something on a piece of paper, even if it is not a question or a comment, and to place it inside the box. Nurse Glenda reviews the papers and answers questions at the end of the class. An open forum where students raise their hands and ask questions.

Nurse Glenda responds appropriately. Nurse Glenda believes that she can do more with this age group and would like to offer her services to them. She suggests that an evening of preventive screenings should be offered. What should Nurse Glenda screen for in this group of teenagers? The community of Finnytown has identified the need for a shelter to serve homeless women and children. Finnytown currently has a homeless shelter for men. Women and children can obtain health care services there but are not allowed to stay overnight.

The Finnytown health care task force performed a community assessment that revealed that a higher number of homeless men than women reside in Finnytown, but the percentage of homeless women is steadily increasing. Results further showed that more women with children than men are living in poverty. The task force speculated that many women who are living in poverty are being overlooked and thus are becoming women without homes. The task force and the community of Finnytown decide to open a homeless shelter for women and children.

The new shelter will primarily serve women with children who are homeless or in poverty. Georgia B. Nurse Georgia and other health care professionals are charged with planning health care services for women with children to be provided at the new homeless shelter. What common health problems should Nurse Georgia and the task force be aware of when planning health services to be provided at the new shelter? What effects of poverty on the health of children should Nurse Georgia and the task force be aware of when planning appropriate services? After the shelter opens, Nurse Georgia becomes one of the nurses who works in the clinic. What strategies are important for Nurse Georgia to implement when working with this population? Ann T.

Nurse Ann provides guidance for school nurses across the state and organizes policy development for school nursing. Terry L. She is worried about delegating medication administration to unlicensed personnel. Nurse Ann explains to Terry that some state laws specify who may delegate tasks, and the State Board of Nursing gives advice on which nursing tasks can be delegated.

Nurse Ann tells Terry where on the Internet she can find these laws along with advisory opinions, and she e-mails copies to Terry. Nurse Terry must then use the materials to decide what she is comfortable delegating. Nurse Ann also gives Nurse Terry some sample training materials and documentation forms that other nurses in the state are currently using. What can Nurse Ann do to reduce for other school nurses the confusion that surrounds delegation in school nursing? What should Nurse Ann do to communicate effectively with the nurses and families whom she encounters?

Amanda J. Amanda works part-time in the emergency room, where she occasionally examines victims of rape and sexual assault. Amanda also works part-time as a consultant for a local domestic-violence shelter for women and children. Proceeds raised from the walk go toward the domestic-violence shelter. Nurse Amanda provides literature about domestic violence at the walk as well as at other organizations in town. What are the most common types of trace evidence of victims of violence, including those who are raped? The concepts in forensic nursing theory include, but are not confined to, safety, injury, presence, perceptivity, victimization, and justice. How might Nurse Amanda address these concepts in her nursing practice?

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