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Descriptive Essay On A Turtle

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Persuasive essay on ai! George orwell essay marrakech good grade on sat essay? Descriptive essay about my last love. Writing your doctoral dissertation invisible rules for success pdf, argumentative essay computer engineering narrative essay about my first heartbreak essay on topic trees are our best friends short essay on dussehra in kannada? How to write a narrative college essay Social media essay in english words? The odyssey violence essay, conjugaison essayer imperatif present. Urban lifestyle essay. Life on mars essay in english. Article Summary. Part 1. Keep in mind that "only" is a modifier. This means that it helps explain what you are trying to say and acts as a descriptive word in your sentence. When the word "only" is placed incorrectly in a sentence, it becomes a "misplaced modifier".

This means the modifier "only" is not placed beside the noun or other word it is meant to modify. This can create confusion for the listener or reader, because the sentence becomes awkward, even misleading. Be aware of the casual use of "only". You may notice that in everyday speech people tend to place "only" in the wrong place in a sentence, thus conveying nothing more than a general sense of what they are trying to say. As with certain other grammatical rules, it can feel awkward to use proper placement of a modifier in a casual conversation.

Sometimes you won't need to use "only" correctly for your listeners to understand what you mean. Notice the common misplacement of "only" in everyday speech. When we are talking informally we might use "only" to indicate that someone did just one thing. For example: "She only ate strawberries for dinner". The speaker is trying to modify "strawberries" when, in fact, "only" is placed in front of and thus modifies the verb "ate". This implies that the subject in the sentence, "she", does nothing with the strawberries but eat them for dinner. She just eats them. The correct placement of "only" in this sentence, based on the probable intended meaning, is: "She ate only strawberries for dinner".

The modifier "only" is next to the noun it's meant to modify and is now grammatically correct. At first, it can feel awkward to say this sentence out loud, because sentences like this are so often misspoken or miswritten. However, once you realize that the wrong sentence construction doesn't mean what you want it to mean, the correctly constructed sentence will start to feel more comfortable. Part 2. Create examples of the different ways to use "only" in a sentence. The best way to get a sense of the proper use of the word "only" is to make your own "practice" sentences and note what "only" is modifying in each case.

Use "only" in front of a subject to modify the subject. For example: "Only I like dancing at a party". In this sentence, "only" is modifying the subject "I". You are saying that you "I" are the only person who likes to dance at a party. In this construction no one but John danced at the party. If this is the intended meaning, that John was the only dancer at the party, you would place "only" at the beginning of the sentence so that it modifies "John".

Place "only" before the verb in a sentence to modify the verb. For example: "I only like dancing at a party". In this sentence, "only" is modifying the verb "like". This sentence is saying that "I" is doing nothing other than liking dancing at a party. Using "only" to modify a verb is less common than using it to modify a noun or pronoun. The third "practice" sentence above -- "I like only dancing at a party" -- means that the person likes dancing and no other activities talking, eating, etc at a party.

In the fourth sentence above, "only" could be seen as modifying "dancing" or "at a party". Because the distinction could be important, in speech you would have the option of orally stressing the word or words being modified. In the fifth sentence above, "only" modifies "a party", meaning no other location or event. This is a clearer usage than the fourth sentence. The final sentence above places "only" after "party". It more clearly expresses the same meaning as the previous sentence. You could look at these placements in a different situation or setting. For example: "John only cooks meat for his family". This sentence works if John is a vegetarian and does not buy, prepare, or eat meat. But when he is with his family, who are diehard meat-eaters, he will cook meat for them.

In this case, the modifier is correctly placed, as the sentence indicates that John will cook meat for his family but not do anything else with the meat. Use "only" in front of a second verb in a sentence to modify the second verb.

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