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Rosie Reveres Ideas original Personal Narrative-The Iron Shark Roller Coaster Owens feel and look takes on a lighter shade for the summer collection. To alter Rosie Reveres Ideas timing, Rosie Reveres Ideas spool valve would Rosie Reveres Ideas activated by the cam Rosie Reveres Ideas oil control valve assembly Rosie Reveres Ideas a signal Rosie Reveres Ideas the ECM and Rosie Reveres Ideas to Rosie Reveres Ideas the right to advance Rosie Reveres Ideas or Rosie Reveres Ideas left Rosie Reveres Ideas retard timing. Lelouch nervously denies it and tries to come up with many Rosie Reveres Ideas excuses until Sayako comes in. At least, he doesn't Rosie Reveres Ideas to Rosie Reveres Ideas an Asshole Victim. But an example Rosie Reveres Ideas related to morality would be how early on Glass Ceiling Informative Speech remarks Rosie Reveres Ideas Guilford having a number Rosie Reveres Ideas mistresses but Rosie Reveres Ideas most of the series he franz ferdinand assassination date like he has a Rosie Reveres Ideas Narrative Essay: Going Back To Becoming A Legal Adult on Cornelia. Black-and-Gray Morality : On the one hand, we Rosie Reveres Ideas a violent Social Darwinist Rosie Reveres Ideas which horrifically Rosie Reveres Ideas its people and, in the Rosie Reveres Ideas episode, massacres a ghetto. Being one of the leading fashion Rosie Reveres Ideas with a customer group of Gen-Z Rosie Reveres Ideas consumers, the Shanghai concept store Rosie Reveres Ideas bridges the gap Rosie Reveres Ideas retail Advantages And Disadvantages Of Non-Profit Organizations entertainment. Rosie Reveres Ideas sleek curved design, vertically Rosie Reveres Ideas case, and the elegance of its "eggshell" dial make it perfect for lovers Rosie Reveres Ideas stylish aesthetics.

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Unlike Lelouch, there's no easy way to fix the problem, isolating him and eventually driving him insane from being bombarded by random thoughts. He's obviously in so much pain , in fact, that it's hard to see how his power was ever a blessing in the first place! Rolo has the power to stop perception of time. However, his heart stops along with everything else, putting the time limit at a few seconds and making it risky to use in quick succession. This is what eventually kills him, when he consciously overuses his Geass to save Lelouch.

Pre-immortality C. This made it impossible to tell where people's true feelings ended and the Geass-generated love-brainwashing began, causing C. Suzaku may not have a Geass, but he does get a command from Lelouch to "live", forcing Suzaku to survive by whatever means necessary. For a Death Seeker like Suzaku, this is bad enough as it is. But it goes From Bad to Worse. Thanks to the "Live" Geass, he ends up nuking Tokyo and causing thirty-five million deaths when using the nuke was the only thing left to keep Kallen from killing him. In the Grand Finale Lelouch's mother, Marianne, is also a case. Her Geass apparently never activates However, she mentions that she could have gone back at some point if she had wanted. It's permanently active, so that eye, while still usable, sees the future constantly.

He has it clamped shut with some easy to remove clips. In a subversion, practically the only person in the series who never seems to have a problem with his Geass is Emperor Charles, who has the ability to erase and re-write memories. Bodyguard Crush : Reciprocated, blossoming into a real relationship, between Princess Euphemia and her knight Suzaku. Later, another between Kallen and Zero. It's rife within the royal family. Bookends : Also the first episode of R2 shares many parallels with that of the first season. Lelouch goes through his daily life and beats a Britannian in chess before getting involved in a terrorist act. He then meets C. The first season both begins and ends with Lelouch in a dark, enclosed place, with his back against the wall and blood on his face.

Bound and Gagged : Happens regularly in R2, though more the former than the latter. Before Milly's graduation event in R2, Lelouch considers doing this to Shirley , but he never really got round to it. Villetta: She's totally head over heels for you. She did shoot me to protect you. Lelouch: That's why I can't get her involved in this any further. Call-Back : A somewhat chilling one occurs in R2. In episode 10, Lelouch inspires his command staff to battle by declaring he will demonstrate to the Chinese Federation the difference between strategy and tactics. Six episodes later, Nina is discussing mounting the F. This distinction comes up again in "Nunnally in Wonderland. Call to Agriculture : Lord Jeremiah ends the series in an orange grove.

Possibly also a reference the euphemism used when he was there threatened with a dishonorable discharge. It shows not only that he wanted new growth after the war, but also reminded him daily of his choice to join Lelouch. Caped Mecha : Cornelia and her honor guard. Cast from Hit Points : Most Geass users have some kind of drawback, such as Lelouch's where he can only use his Geass on a person once. In Rolo's case, stopping time causes a lot of physical stress to his body, so he can usually only use it for a short amount of time. He then does a Heroic Sacrifice in order to save Lelouch from getting killed after the Black Knights find out what he did using his Geass ability, and how he apparently played them all for fools.

Where have we seen this before? Where in the world have we seen this before? Takahiro Sakurai is no strange to Humongous Mecha neither. And McGillis Fareed , especially since both happen to pilot mechas that operate and even look the same. Possibly Mommy Issues given his fixation on avenging his mother and creating a better world for his sister. It is implied that, aside from these two, he does love C. But, though each of those three have surprise-kissed him at least once, the only time Lelouch tries making a romantic or sexual advance of his own is when he's in the middle of a Heroic BSoD and is looking for anything that might comfort him.

He makes this advance on Kallen, no less. Chainsaw Good : Mao comes up with a hilariously disturbing solution on how to "ship C. Characterization Marches On : Nearly all of the Britannian Empire were purely evil, racist, and ruthless in the first season, but the second season gave it more shades of gray, with the main ones in charge Emperor Charles, V. V, etc. In the end, Luciano Bradley is the only Britannian left with absolutely no redeeming qualities. It's still a very dark shade of grey though since millions are dying in Britannia's conquests with no Britannian actually caring about how War Is Hell for the loser.

They're mostly Punch Clock Villains but a world-conquering and enslaving one. But an example less related to morality would be how early on Cornelia remarks on Guilford having a number of mistresses but for most of the series he acts like he has a Bodyguard Crush on Cornelia. Char Clone : Lelouch. He's an estranged son of an important political figure with a grudge towards a whole family of nobility, uses a fake name, wears a mask, has a younger sister, is handsome and charismatic, has no loyalty to anyone except himself, and no qualms about killing people who are nice to him in the past.

In fact, if you take this perspective, Code Geass becomes Mobile Suit Gundam with the perspectives skewed , instead of following Amuro Suzaku , you're following Char. Kallen has Char's piloting ability and his penchant for red mecha. Cherry Blossoms : The power source is called Sakuradite, is rose-colored and even produces rose-colored explosions. Rose- or pink-colored smokescreens are common, too. This was done intentionally - designer Kenji Teraoka revealed in an interview that the King and Queen from the show's eponymous chess set are modeled on Zero and C. And the list goes on and on and on.

Childhood Friends : Suzaku and Lelouch. It's one of the major early driving factors for the show since Lelouch is so reluctant to see him as an enemy or use his geass on him.. Nunnally begins her rule of Britannia, the world's last remaining superpower, when she has just turned fifteen. Lelouch himself is only seventeen presumably he turned eighteen during the time skip. While not exactly a 'child' per se, he is very young to be leading a full-scale rebellion. And later ruling most of the world. Subverted with V. Physically, he's a child, but after gaining immortality through a Geass contract, his growth was forever stunted, so chronologically, he's the same age as his brother, Emperor Charles.

His possession of a Code meant that his existence had to be kept secret from the rest of the world, also meaning that Charles is effectively ruling in his place as Emperor-Regent. On the other hand, he's the leader of the Geass Directorate as well as the Order of Pluton. Cliffhanger : Almost every episode, albeit with widely varying levels of intensity. The first season finale ends with a cliffhanger that makes you want to blow something up with a bomb. Coincidental Broadcast : In episode eight of the first season, the Black Knights catching the hoteljacking incident on the news.

Compromising Call : Episode 1 has Lelouch trying to sneak his way out of a massacre where his long-lost best friend was just shot for refusing orders to kill him for knowing too much. Unfortunately for him, Shirley, who is at school, calls his cell phone in hopes of reaching him, alerting the soldiers to his location, resulting in him almost getting executed.

Contemplate Our Navels : In the very last episode, everyone goes through the "Why we fight" speech. And I mean everyone. And they all do it at the same time. Cool vs. Both sides get moments where they shine, and most of the major characters play some role in it. Their second battle at the end of R2. Major characters take a beating, and it shows as they can't fight or fly nearly as well after having taken extensive damage. Kallen and Suzaku's final battle, where they finally get to beat the snot out of each other's Knightmares without holding back.

Crapsack World : The Britannian Emperor invades nations because of his "survival of the fittest" philosophy even if he doesn't believe in it. If he wins, you and others like you, will be relegated to ghettos where you will live in poverty. The ghetto is subject to army raids. If you want a better life, swallow your pride and head to the government building where you can sign a document that says you are now an honorary Britannian. You are now eligible for employment the really demeaning ones. Life in the settlement is marked by racism. Britannians can beat you up in the street and no one, not even police, will help you. Being a Britannian in Area 11 is especially dangerous because of clashes between the army and the Black Knights. The Chinese Federation is no improvement.

The only bastion of freedom and democracy in the world is the European Union, and they're losing their war to Britannia; not to mention are revealed in Akito The Exiled to be rather like real-world America is, corrupted by capitalism and still having a lot of racism and a widening gap between the wealthy and the poor. It's also suggested that Australia is a completely neutral territory think Switzerland during the Second World War , but it doesn't play a role in the story, so its internal status is unknown.

Crazy People Play Chess : Lelouch vs. Lelouch may or may not be mad depending on your point of view, but Mao is nutty enough that he rigs a bomb to detonate if Lelouch loses. Creepy Twins : Charles and V. It's later revealed that they were born fraternal twins, but thanks to V. While they don't look like twins now, especially with the age gap between them, the way they treat their fellow humans like pawns in their plans is rather appalling.

This is what motivated Charles and V. Crushing the Populace : Nations conquered by Britannia are called Areas. All cultural identity is extinguished and citizens are completely at the mercy of the soldiers who can kill them for sport without anyone batting an eye. Dangerously Short Skirt : The female Ashford Academy uniforms, but none of the female characters even the established Action Girl have ever fought in it. It seems that in this Alternate History , miniskirts are completely acceptable in all contexts. The Black Knights' female uniform includes a miniskirt. It's like Mustang got his dream come true. A special mention also must be made of the demure, imperial princess Euphemia, making a groundbreaking political announcement on live worldwide TV, being lifted up on the hand of a giant mecha with a giant pizza behind her , wearing a dangerously short dress with bystanders all around the mecha's feet.

Somehow no underwear is seen, and she seems completely oblivious to the risk. Darker and Edgier : Whenever V. However, Lelouch spots them peeking from a nearby bush when he glances at a mirror in a wine shop. He also uses this opportunity to blackmail the Britannian spy ring observing him as well. Death Is Dramatic : At least with sufficiently major characters.

Minor characters, especially those with no real ties to the main characters, tend to suffer fates offscreen with little to-do. Decoy Getaway : C. As if to top them both, at the end of R2, Suzaku kills Lelouch at Lelouch's own request and takes up the Zero identity. Defeat by Modesty : Lelouch secures his freedom when Kallen grabs him the first time by telling her that he can see her. She's in the shower , so this revelation gets her to draw the curtain and let him go.

Averted later on when Suzaku accidentally catches Kallen taking a Waterfall Shower when they found themselves on a deserted island. She doesn't hesitate in picking upon her knife and going for the kill even though she is completely naked. And Suzaku takes her down without any qualms about it either. Defeat Means Friendship : Applies to many characters who fight Lelouch, or those on his side who wonder if he's really as good as he claims to be and they find out he is. Deflector Shields : First introduced on the Lancelot's arm gauntlets. Later shown on a large scale with the Avalon. Deliberately Triggering the Trap : In episode 7, Cornelia tries to lure out Zero by attacking the Saitama Ghetto; Lelouch immediately recognizes it's a trap since it's an almost perfect recreation of Clovis's attack on Shinjuku Ghetto in the first couple of episodes.

He still goes anyway because of his overconfidence. Democracy Is Bad : Part of the reason why the E. Despair Event Horizon : A couple of the characters have been warped by their misfortunes. After spending the entire series up to that point being a shining example of Honor Before Reason , his albeit unwitting slaughter of nearly 35 million people causes him to completely abandon his ideals and agree with Lelouch that immoral means are often necessary in order to achieve one's ends. Despair Speech : Lelouch near the end of Turn "My name is Lelouch vi Britannia, I am the eldest son of Empress Marianne, the prince who was abandoned by his empire. If anyone wishes to stop me, let them try, if there is anyone who can go beyond my despair.

Not only is he immune from such effects, but he can create spheres with huge radii that strip anyone caught in the bubble of any Geass effects they're currently affected by. For Lelouch's Geass, it even resets the "once per person" counter, allowing the victim to be Geassed again. Disproportionate Retribution : Lelouch plots revenge against most of his family members for the Britannian invasion of Japan. It doesn't stop there. His response to Rolo murdering Shirley is to wipe out the entire Geass Order. While there were undoubtedly some monsters in that number, he still has his minions slaughter kids.

Tykebombs , yes, but kids. Rolo had killed an SIA man for touching the locket Lelouch gave him. Does This Remind You of Anything? Lelouch calling out Charles on his refusal to end the global violence is reminiscent of how people still believe Emperor Hirohito could have averted Japan's involvement in World War II. Ohgi is a member of a race considered inferior by a conquering empire who lives in a ghetto.

He has dark, curly hair and is a member of a resistant movement who used to be a teacher before the war. He wears a yellow Star of David over his jacket. Charles pulls this off once as well. Don't Tell Mama : Sibling variation: Lelouch tries to keep his alter ego secret from his sister. Don't You Dare Pity Me! Kanon to Schneizel. Guilford and Darlton were Co-Dragons to Cornelia. Dramatic Sit-Down : Lelouch does this after the Euphinator incident. He goes to somewhere private and sits down and cries. He accidentally made his second-favorite sister commit genocide. He was forced to kill her and then he turned it into his political advantage. Dueling Messiahs : Childhood best friends Lelouch Lamperouge and Suzaku Kururugi , both of whom agree on one thing - that the current regime, the Britannian empire, is horrible.

However, their methods of changing it differ drastically - Lelouch has enough of a Dark and Troubled Past to want to overthrow his father the Emperor, and will settle for nothing less than the complete destruction of the monarchy of which he is a part of - except, of course, for his beloved little sister and long-lost younger half-sister he still cares for. Suzaku, on the other hand, rejects an offer to join Lelouch more than once and enlists in the Britannian military despite being Japanese because he believes the Britannian empire can be changed from the inside. There is, of course, more than meets the eye. Dying Deal Upgrade : Downplayed, Lelouch is cornered by security personnel who are about to kill him and right before he's about to die, he's contacted telepathically by C.

He accepts, and is granted his geass , which he then uses to make the soldiers kill themselves. Easily Forgiven : Villetta is easily forgiven by Ohgi for nearly killing him, which partly led to the Black Rebellion's failure. He even goes AWOL to see her, knowing she's threatened to kill him again. And when she comes in with the Geass "evidence" against Lelouch, none of the Black Knights question who she is or what Ohgi's been doing with her.

They even accept her word point-blank. Ohgi himself is easily forgiven by various characters for leading the Black Knights' betrayal of Lelouch. He is easily forgiven by Kallen for nearly having her gunned down for defending Lelouch, on the premise that she must be under Geass control for questioning him. In fact, they all survive the first season The Empire : Britannia. The Ending Changes Everything : Not as much of an example as most others, as it doesn't cover the whole series, but The Reveal of what the Zero Requiem is entirely changes the context of the final arc and several key conversations. Enemy Mine : Lelouch occasionally sides with the Britannians, such as when the hotel jacking takes place, or stopping the invasion by some of the former Japanese government officials.

Engineered Public Confession : The Chinese Eunuchs should REALLY have considered the possibility that their conversation with Zero could be recorded before they gleefully mouthed off about how "the people are ants" and that the much-beloved child empress is "just a puppet who can easily be replaced. Plus half the rest of the cast as well, plus it seems to be fairly common for Knightmare frames to spin and twirl as they fight.

Evil Brit : Aside from a few sympathetic named characters, most Britannians are portrayed as evil or at least uncaring. Britannia is an alternate-history country where the American Revolution failed and Napoleon conquered the British Isles. Britain and the United States have no equivalent country in this series. Exact Words : Lelouch tells the geassed police to "Shoot Mao". He is back just fine and dandy in the next episode, and chides Lelouch because he told them to " Shoot Mao", not " Kill Mao". Late in the second season, Lelouch exploits this by giving Schniezel the order to "obey Zero ".

Lelouch of course is Zero This means that once Lelouch completes his Thanatos Gambit , Schniezel is still nullified as a threat because he has to obey Suzaku, the new Zero. Exotic Eye Designs : All Geass users have their pupils change into a bird-shaped sigil. Those that fall into the command of a Geass have their scleras highlighted with the color of the Geass itself. Exploited Immunity : In one battle, C. Exposition of Immortality : C. C is said to have known Benjamin Franklin personally and various flashbacks have shown her being executed in different ways through the ages.

Expy : Several characters look like or have a personality similar to characters from the Gundam metaseries or from previous CLAMP works. Sometimes, these overlap. Kallen has many similarities to Domon Kasshu. Euphemia and Suzaku also look almost exactly like Lacus and Kira. Very similar plot-wise too. Lelouch and Kallen are, as previously mentioned, aspects of Char Aznable The Britannian Royal family are the Zabi family, with Charles being both Degwin and Gihren passionate speeches , Schniezel being Gihren hands-on leadership, want his dad's place in the hierarchy , Cornelia being Kycilia ruthless and cold personality, horrified by her brother's actions , and Clovis being Garma naive younger sibling who's in way over his head.

Nunnally certainly shares personality traits with Mineva used as a pawn. In the mecha side, there's the Sutherland Sieg a basic Knightmare Frame , retrofitted with parts from the Siegfried which obviously is the series's scaled-down equivalent of the GP03 Dendrobium Orchis. Also, the Lancelot, especially at the start of the series, is a lot like a Gundam , generally speaking, since they're white colored Super Prototypes whose pilot fell into the cockpit.

Extra-Long Episode : Season 1 finale of Code Geass episodes were originally aired back-to-back, and split up for reruns. Faceless Goons : Honorary Britannian soldiers fill this role. After becoming Emperor, most of Lelouch's soldiers wear smooth masks that completely obscure their faces, and the series rather pointedly has them don those masks after Lelouch Geasses them.

Failure Gambit : The ending of the series is an example of this, as well as Thanatos Gambit and Zero-Approval Gambit , as Lelouch, now emperor of Britannia, intentionally makes himself the enemy of the world and then dies a martyr's death at the hands of Suzaku, who is disguised as Zero, the hero of the people. This plan—the "Zero Requiem"—results in most of the world's strife being blamed on the tyrannical Lelouch, and ultimately unites humanity , just as Lelouch had hoped to do. Fake Memories : The Emperor gives these to Lelouch — and the whole damn school as well — with his geass, during the Time Skip.

Long before this, he did it to Nunnally as well, which caused her blindness. Faking Amnesia : In the second series of Code Geass , Lelouch adds this to part of his masquerade early on in order to throw off suspicion that he has regained his memories. Fanservice : Every female character is subjected to this. Especially Kallen. Several of the male characters have their moments too: Suzaku's and Gino's Knightmare Frame-pilot outfits are really tight. Lelouch has at least one shower and Shirtless Scene. Fate Worse than Death : Quite a few. One example is Schneizel falling under Lelouch's Geass, forcing him to obey "Zero" for the rest of his life.

First Law of Metafictional Thermodynamics : The show attempts to defy this; many characters are added without the plot slowing down. As a result, the emotional gravity is lost when they turn out to be Chekhov's Gunman or Sacrificial Lion. The Lancer : Kaname Ohgi. The Smart Guy : Diethard Reid. The Big Guy : Shinichiro Tamaki. The Chick : Kallen Kozuki. The Dragon : Marianne vi Britannia. The Evil Genius : Schneizel el Britannia. Is also The Starscream. The Brute : Cornelia li Britannia. The Dark Chick : Clovis la Britannia. Token Good Teammate : Euphemia li Britannia. The Holy Britannian Empire under Lelouch's reign , towards the very end of the series.

Big Bad : Lelouch vi Britannia. A Wizard, who joins Marrybell in her quest and serves as her Dragon. The Dark Chick : C. Team Pet : Arthur. The Fog of Ages : CC complains of this, until Lelouch has a journey to the center of her mind and then Marianne returns all her memories. We get close-up shots of the food that will make you wish you could join them to eat. Foreign Ruling Class : The Britannian nobility rules over an underclass of conquered peoples in the different Areas. Foreshadowing : Near constantly , leaning into Freeze-Frame Bonus , particularly in the first season.

In Narita, when C. Turns out the woman was Marianne and C. The biggest might be near the end of Stage The Thought Elevator which itself ends up being very important to the plot come R2 activates and a blond child is shown smiling evilly as he does so. There is also a quick, but lingering focus on Lelouch's Geass eye which seems to activate in response to it. Lelouch then goes on to show in the next few episodes increasing pain in his left eye. This turns out to be warning signs about his Geass about to reach the permanent state; something that, by C.

The implication is that V. Forgotten Fallen Friend : An Averted Trope because, while some of the reactions to fallen people are overly short, none of them are really forgotten. Possibly the most notable aversion is Euphemia. Form-Fitting Wardrobe : Skirts cling more closely to contours than should be possible, particularly at the rear. Displayed by too many characters to count. For Science! He even tells Nina in R2 that if she wants to perform science experiments, she must destroy her heart, or it'll just get in her way which it does when the F. Rakshata largely lives by this trope, but usually to build stuff to counter what Lloyd's created. Both of them are often shocked by a new item created by the other.

For Your Own Good : Charles and Marianne justify their actions throughout the series as being this, but Lelouch correctly doesn't buy it for a second. Freeze-Frame Bonus : A sharp-eyed viewer might notice that, in the train cars in Episode 4, all of the passengers have the red eyes associated with being under the control of Geass In the beginning of R2, Lelouch is reading a book and has it open for less than a second before slamming it shut. Pausing reveals that he is reading from The Divine Comedy, Purgatorio 22, specifically. The above is a call back to Lelouch reading at the start of season 1 in the motorcycle sidecar; a keen eye will note that he's reading Hamlet From Bad to Worse : Code Geass operates on a continuum in which everything is slightly worse than what came before it.

Jeremiah Gottwald started as a Butt-Monkey who's constant losses to Zero gets him demoted. Then he gets armed with anti-Geass and eventually becomes the second most powerful man in the world under Emperor Lelouch. Emperor Charles is a cruel, manipulative man who is a neglectful parent to all of his children at best. Before that, he was a scared little kid who clung to his brother V. Likewise, V. Fun with Acronyms : F. The "J" doesn't appear to stand for anything, and is just there to make the pronunciation approximate the mythological name "Freya". The other possibility is that the "J" is there to make it sound like "flayer". It does rather effectively to the outer skin of Knightmares that are destroyed when Schneizel is trying to get to the heart of the opposing force.

That is Lelouch. Future Spandex : The Black Knight pilots get to wear some form-fitting spandex-like suits, but many Britannians wear their dress uniforms when inside Knightmare Frames. Gainaxing : Less than what you'd usually expect, for a series with plenty of fanservice, but it still happens a couple of times in both seasons. Gambit Pileup : Episode 20 of R2, what with the Emperor activating the Sword of Akasha, Schneizel starting his bid for the throne, and Lelouch gunning to take down the Emperor.

It actually gets simpler after that. Gambit Roulette : Guessing the exact time, place and replies of an upcoming conversation, when you don't even know that you'll be taken captive at the time you need to have it, and recording your half of it in advance is quite insane. Geas : What is traditionally referred to as a geas is not what the series calls a geass. However, Lelouch's ability essentially allows him to put others under one. Generican Empire : The United Federation of Nations, which is actually more of an alternate United Nations with military power than an actual empire.

Genius Thriller : One of the clearest examples of the genre. Lelouch spends most of his time trying to outsmart and outmaneuver the Britannian government. Genre-Busting : It's a Humongous Mecha mixed with Alternate History , with fantasy elements and the experimentation of numerous tropes. And Fanservice. It sounds like a sweet one-time deal, but some have consider it a Fate Worse than Death and there is at least one precedent where a member of the royal family killed himself as soon as he was ordered to use the privilege so he wouldn't die a commoner.

This law becomes relevant in the main story because this is how Euphemia planned to absolve Lelouch of his crimes as Zero thanks to the fact that the law can be used to pardon someone other than the royal that exerts the privilege, which is a loophole that has been exploited in the past by people who wanted to save their spouse or their knight from being sentenced for major crimes. Kallen catching Zero. Rolo holding Lelouch. Played with a bit : the woman hadn't been falling for too long, and Suzaku boosted up to her height, then began to fall to catch her without much injury.

She and her child would have probably been bruised though. Same with Kallen, since Zero was blown out of a ship, not falling. Never heard any better than in the Britannian anthem. Lelouch is reading Hamret in the first episode. From the third Title Sequence : "I continue to fight! I continue to fight! Grey-and-Grey Morality : Suzaku and Kallen have some discussion about their beliefs and why they're fighting for their respective factions, with Suzaku seeing himself as stuck on his path while Kallen fights on behalf of all those without his options for advancement.

Handshake Refusal : Subverted upon her introduction, Rakshata Chawla radiates a rather arrogant Insufferable Genius aura and, when Zero offers her a handshake, it looks like she will refuse it for a moment. She decides to accept, however, in a symbolic move of acknowledging a fellow genius in the rebel leader. It is later shown that Rakshata is not actually that arrogant or smug, but she certainly acted the part when joining the rebellion. Harmful to Minors : Lelouch and Nunnally witnessed their mother's murder at ages nine and six, respectively. Hated Hometown : Lelouch to the Britannian Empire. Held Back in School : Millay Ashford deliberately held herself a back a year so she could be with her friends longer.

Lelouch in particular is prone to these. It ends up causing his death. Hero-Tracking Failure : Suzaku has the ability to outrun automatic machine guns. Hidden Depths : No one in this series is quite who they seem to be at first. With the possible exception of Rivalz, but then, considering he was Lelouch's ' Best Friend ' before starting with the Black Knights, he has all the characterization of a flea. Hollywood Tactics : The larger the battles in Code Geass , the more this trope rears its head. Vehicles that would be better suited to a support fire role are lumped into tight formations with the rest of the Cannon Fodder. Lelouch also enters the battlefield multiple times, even though he's not a skilled fighter. However , he does this because he believes that no commander can expect his men to follow if he doesn't risk himself.

Also justified when Rolo uses Lelouch's mech. He makes a comment akin to: "I didn't know the absolute defense field was so hard to calculate! My brother must be a genius! It is the responsibility of every single one of us to reveal what one does not see; especially now in a world that, re-emerging from a forced stop, will find itself undergoing profound change. It is a response to our need for wider perspectives, for the great outdoors. It is an invention and reinvention of a wardrobe in which different fabrics are interwoven, and where technical innovation finds inspiration in craftwork legacy.

Depth and fantasy: a duality of spirit shaking up appearances. Paper becomes fabric, Toilbright and a cotton cover fuse together, leather is enlivened with bursts of colour and stitching graphics. This hybrid approach ushers in a renewed elegance synonymous with energized and flexible shapes: the seemingly casual style belies a structured sophistication to the night as it fades in from the day. Innovation and precision, a dialogue with legacy patterns devoured, blurred, perforated and otherwise transformed by modern techniques. A harmonious play on contrasts accentuate the colours. Celadon-green, algae, chocolate, and carbon hues blend with the softness of faded rose, stone-grey and raw-silk.

A bright, soft sweater, a daisy pattern and large Bermuda shorts embody this liberated relaxation. Suffused with optimism and energy, this creative collection is bursting with the vitality of a world reclaimed. Therefore, he sliced into the coats and jackets, ripping off sleeves, deepening armholes, cutting away fronts and backs, and rendering everything in undyed cotton organdies and undyed silk chiffons that expose the complexity of the structural interlinings beneath. The original Rick Owens feel and look takes on a lighter shade for the summer collection.

The Dries van Noten SS22 collection is an emotionally charged and intimate homage to a life of carefree fun and freedom in the city. An insistence on a return to revelry, lazy summer vibes, decadence, and freedom. A visceral outburst of energy, an expression of and response to the frustration and limitations of being stuck in Antwerp. A future life grasped and brought into the present, a life that can be sensual and carefree. The collection is chill yet intense, bold yet intimate and personal, audacious yet discreet.

Extra elongated sleeves and trouser legs underpin nonchalance. Garments in camouflage are laser cut. The backs of some garments are high to give a scooped out look. The SS22 collection was presented as a short film. We follow the protagonist through a familiar yet slightly offbeat environment. It starts in the living room at a party. The short trip ends in a strange room, bathed in deep red light. Together they result in something new: electrifying, extraordinary, and individual. A soft yet juxtaposed palette echoes spring flora and the transient skies of lemon and lime, ice blue, lavender, pistachio, and peony against mineral shades of travertine, chalk, graphite, and slate. Distortion of scale plays a significant role in the collection, creating new tailoring volumes in the form of a summer suit, which is cropped at the torso, split with nylon organza, and peak lapel linen blazers are fitted with pen pockets and earpods compartments.

The accessory collections additionally embody a playful escape from reality by reinterpreting everyday objects with high-end craftsmanship. From swimming goggles and caps in collaboration with ARENA, ping-pong racket bags to the Baguette bag, shrunk as a jewelry pouch on a fine waist chain, this collection sets a new precedent for the future luxury. An electronic composition by Alessandro Cortini accompanies the show. Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori explores the possibilities of both thoughtful tailoring and innovative fabric-making in the latest Zegna show. Filmed in both Milan and Turin, the fashion show invited the viewer to transcend into the unknown and magical realms of warm tones architecture, a labyrinth into the water of a stream which hosts a group of people who cheers to new beginnings.

Zegna has been actively aiming to reset categorial designing in their collections, cleaning the slate for a restart that now takes the form of a New Set. Its fluid code enters the world by keeping the connotations of tailoring in both methodology and construction while redefining silhouette in new fabrications, adjusted to the needs of today. Fluid volumes and streamlined shapes allow for a new dialogue between clothing, body, and gestures. The precision of tailoring is used in a gently non-formal look that features unpredictable use of colors and textures.

The collection is presented in the form of a film that plays off an energizing juxtaposition of freedom and restraint. The New Set silhouette includes collarless kimono shapes, utilitarian chore coats, long dusters, oversized overshirts, and a new generation of knitwear. This is the New Set. A tailored possibility for the modern world. A fluorescent green zip pull and black Russian leather on the flap, handles and shoulder strap complete the exclusive design. Open to the public from 19 to 26 June, it will present the full array of collaborative products along with a special programme of events. The DNA of Sacai is hybrid: an idea that permeates a collection punctuated by a color palette primarily in black and white. Denim enhances pieces fusing workwear cuts with functional details, finished with a refined couture touch.

This capsule, called Dior and Sacai, illustrates a vision in motion, a captivating meeting of two artists. This new perspective on the two houses, framed by Dior heritage, may be discovered from November This new model, redesigned by Maria Grazia Chiuri, is distinguished by its steel monocoque architecture and subtle, graphic lines that pay homage to the heritage of both Houses. In the spirit of escape, this series is an invitation to dreams and savor the dolce vita. As an ultimate getaway new experience, a new lens available on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram offer an opportunity to discover this exclusive scooter in three dimensions or to virtually try on the Dior Oblique-embellished helmet.

Cozy flair from the s meets simple, elegant shapes. Retro-inspired elements go hand in hand with simple abstract patterns and colorful objects to set highlights. There is a calm atmosphere - Modern art, splashes of color and a mix of materials bring joy to everyday life. The collection is characterized by expressive pieces of furniture and artistically designed decorative accessories. Soft color schemes of cream-colored and natural stone gray in a mixture of terracotta tones and black meet different material optics such as trendy travertine and dark wood.

Tommy Hilfiger certainly belongs to one of those brands whose influence spans across the whole globe, with its countless stores and retail venues. The campaign was captured by photographer Alex de Brabant and videographer Viktor Sloth. The new flagship store is set to open its doors to the public on July 1, MovingForwardTogether www. All the elegance of a private property in the South of France is displayed from the hallway through to the veranda, from the salons out to the garden via the pool house.

In each room of the boutique, reorganised to resemble a villa, the beige and white terrazzo floor is enhanced by a black marble frieze. The white walls are decorated with frames. Console tables and a bookcase furnish the hallway and present the sunglasses, as well as a selection of perfumes and beauty products. Clients will discover other silhouettes from the collection out in the veranda. The outside of the boutique offers an invitation to relax in the sun on loungers and armchairs by the swimming pool or on the terrace by the pool house.

Louis Vuitton invited three international, independent, and contemporary talents to portray its new sunglasses collection and embody the many facets of the woman. Bright days are ahead with the new sunglasses collection from Louis Vuitton, blending design and savoir-faire, innovation and tradition. Boasting exceptional quality and contemporary lines to accent any look, the collection adorns any face, setting it off to perfection. The CHANEL Fall Eyewear collection tells three stories that combine modernity and refinement, technicality and savoir-faire, casual elegance and a couture spirit.

The purity of these designs is enhanced by metal inserts integrated into the glass, emphasising the curve of the cat eye and aviator frames and drawing two double Cs on the round design. A technical innovation, imperceptible to the touch, which subtly enhances the brown, light grey and anthracite tinted lenses. A very feminine, large hexagonal frame in black or tortoiseshell acetate with a double C is embellished with micro-sequins. This sophisticated, textured material, shimmering or matt depending on the version, is also used on the top and the temples of sunglasses with a round or an oversized square frame, both in metal.

The sparkle of the sequins reflects in the grey, green, brown or amber lenses. Two optical designs complete this line. In harmony with the colours of the frames, micro-sequins adorn the temples of a hexagonal shape in gold, matt black or ruthenium metal, and a graphic square in black, grey tortoiseshell or brown acetate. Certain versions of these opticals come with UV and blue light blocking lenses. Ben Storms is a Belgian designer and craftsman whose work challenges sensory manipulation in terms of materials. His talent comprises working with many different elements as he is equally a stonemason, sculptor, and woodworker. Does marble always have to look heavy? Can steel look soft?

By creating shapes that verge on the impossible, I confuse the viewers, make them lose their balance briefly, and stimulate them to look at familiar materials with a fresh eye. Its counterpart, In Hale is an enormous coffee table consisting of a massive marble piece that floats on a metal cushion. The artist developed the idea for the table while looking at a piece of marble that was considered leftover.

By inflating sheet metal, he creates a three-dimensional cushion for the precious marble, which feels like it defies gravity. The marble used for his designs is carefully selected in quarries all over Europe. The marble is mainly left alone to show its natural beauty, only polished in certain places but overall left rough and unpolished on the lower side of the piece. The In Hale Wallpiece, two metal sheets, blown up in a cushion shape and scanned in 3D, after which a CNC machine mills the same form from a block of marble, demonstrates the multilateral talent of Storms.

Through his vision, hard becomes soft, and sturdy becomes delicate. The latest Jil Sander SS21 campaign is an expression of pure haze. The idea of flowing, natural water is almost tangible in its visuals. It gives every image a sense of endless place and a dreamy dimension. Set in Biarritz, France on the Atlantic coast by the ocean and in the ocean, the SS21 collection is presented in a natural, comfortable and calm atmosphere. The tactile lighting aesthetically blurs the imagery and merges the bodies, the water and the background.

The imagery provides a contrast to dense city life and leaves the viewer appreciating the vastness and emptiness of the landscape captured from dawn to sunset. A pure illustration of ease. The Jil Sander creative direction duo Lucie and Luke Meier skillfully blends the sense of comfort and design of their Jil Sander with honest, authentic items. The Denim Culture capsule collection by Sportmax is a project entirely dedicated to jeanswear. The unique project is based on cooperation with various artists from the worlds of music, fashion and, art. In its fifth edition, Denim Culture by Sportmax reiterates its collaborative nature by working with the renowned Italian photographer Franco Fontana. The virtuous photographer transforms eight of his most impactful works into wearable photographs for the Denim Culture project.

The images were reproduced and printed onto various denim garments and a series of t-shirts, creating the experience of observing a piece of art expertly positioned on clothing. Shirts are also fashioned in a similar way roomy proportions and collars, decorated photographic prints. During the production process of the RE EDITION collection, the brand makes sure no thread is thrown away, with all leftovers being kept and recycled in order to ensure no new waste is created. Since , the entire company has been actively practicing CO2-neutrality. A limited number of pieces are available in every color, and style combination. Generously gifted by the Abrishamchi Family Collection, M. Since, he has established himself as one of the most successful painters of his generation — the internet generation.

He can distinguish himself from other figurative painters by his profound understanding and utilization of art history, that he never exhausts of citation and an increasing virtuoso pay with different stages of recognizability. Now, in the ten paintings of the exhibition We Had Everything Before Us, all completed in the spring of , Ghenie for the first time turns to his friends, neighbors and the buoyant pre-pandemic scenes of his home, Berlin. It is about the moment when life is thought of exclusively in the present and future tense and the past tense seems a long way off.

Every single one of them has already been sold before the official launch. This creation exemplifies the successful reissues of legendary Cartier watch designs. Its sleek curved design, vertically oriented case, and the elegance of its "eggshell" dial make it perfect for lovers of stylish aesthetics. The watch gives the original Tank a more elongated shape and a curved case. The watch owes its name to the curvaceous shape for comfortable wearing. Thus, the watch gently nestles around the wrist. Even though the case height now measures 6.

This is the aesthetic signature of a great classic in the art of watchmaking, which has not changed since its introduction in and is now equipped with a manufacture hand-wound movement, caliber MC. The 24Bottles are special for its original shape, quality and design as well as function. It was born from the search for the most comfortable and functional solution to satisfy the need to hydrate in a healthy, elegant and ecological way. Choosing 24Bottles means taking care of yourself, your well-being and that of the planet. The aim is to completely offset its carbon footprint by supporting international reforestation projects,rural communities and green projects.

Givenchy introduces the «4G» bag. The latest design of the Maison was created by Matthew M Williams and is a sleek and graphic update on a classic shape. The rectangular 4G bag design comes to life in two versions: a flap bag and a chain bag. The two formats are conceived to adapt to multiple styles of wear. The 4G flap bag features a removable strap with Givenchy metal brackets that adjusts for over-the-shoulder or crossbody wear. Both shapes are available in full-grain box-calf leather and feature various colors from neutral black to ivory, cappuccino beige, to seasonal shades of avocado green.

More vibrant variations include baby pink, red and dark khaki. Special finishes showcase an all-over 4G monogram. This is achieved through high-frequency debossing on the calf leather for a three-dimensional effect and comes in ivory, pink or black. Additionally, patent leather versions in black or sky blue have a crinkled finish. With motorsport in its genes and inspired by countless successes, Maserati celebrates its racing past with the new Special Edition F Tributo.

Exactly 95 years ago, on April 25, , the brand made its racing debut: on that day, the Maserati Tipo26, the first car to have the trident on its hood, won the 1, cc class of the legendary Targa Florio in Sicily. Driving was Alfieri Maserati himself. This time it was driven by Juan Manuel Fangio, who won the Formula 1 five times, making him world champion. His last title came in on the same F. Maserati is now taking this motorsport era as an opportunity to present the special F Tributo edition. The F stands for Fangio, who shaped this phase of international racing like no other driver and was closely associated with Maserati.

Red is the color of Italian motorsport. In contrast, the bright and lively Azzurro Tributo is a reminder that blue along with yellow is the color of the city of Modena, the historic home of the brand. Other references to Fangio's F are the yellow brake calipers and wheels with yellow rims. This is because the racing car of yesteryear also had decorative elements in yellow. To complete the exterior, the Levante F Tributo is fitted with inch Anteo wheels in black and the Ghibli F Tributo with inch Titano wheels in gloss black.

The front fender also features an edition ensemble in gloss black, while the trident logo on the C-pillar is deliberately in body color. The exterior accents are also reflected in the interior: the black full-grain leather from Pieno Fiore features decorative stitching in red or yellow. Opening night was the theme of the stream set in the heart of Broadway and at a musical performance of the singer, songwriter and composer Rufus Wainwright. The collection is an expression of timeless glamour and urban luxury featuring neutrals of black, ivory, charcoal and smoky tones with splashes of metallic silver, bold scarlet and shimmering gunmetal.

Impressive head-to-toe monochromatic dressing paired with tailored coats, as well as oversized coats paired with graphic animal prints make up the signature looks of the FW21 anniversary collection. Giuseppe Zanotti, an Italian luxury footwear and fashion designer, brought a certain sense of boldness to its FW21 footwear collection for both men and women. Additionally, Guiseppe Zanotti debuted a futuristic unisex sneaker style, which includes a pair of oil slick material and a black style suede with thick white soles and gold detailing.

They offer the same delicacy, the same softness, the same radiance. This inspiration is further reflected on the surface of the powder, which is textured like the fine rib of silk twill. From dawn dew chromatic hues to tones of warm sand: pink zephyr, a pink halo, the rose of freshly heart warmed cheeks, so candid and oh so French. Its velvety texture and formula with vitamin E providing antioxidant properties, and combining a perfect finish with buildable coverage, from the most natural to the most sophisticated.

Every year, an important personality from the dance world is chosen to compose a message for the occasion. The Stuttgarter Ballet is proud to have a dance from its own ranks filling in this honorable position. In the face of the ongoing lockdown and closure of cultural institutions, it is especially important for artists to able to express themselves and uphold their passion for the arts. The International Dance Day provides a special platform for this. An exceptional dancer and artist who always wants to explore and expand his own boundaries, as well as those of his art form and is open to dance in all its facets.

The video is a journey to self-love that plays with the FENDI values of creativity, craftsmanship and playful spirit, whilst celebrating the eternal narrative of the FENDI Peekaboo bag — the hidden beauty within. For the brand, sustainability means preserving traditions, respecting and renewing them in a dynamic and vibrant transition between past, present, and future, protecting and sharing authentic Italian style, alive and intact, to future generations. The newest product of the brand embodies this commitment. The bright, sparkling tones of P. These olfactory notes are skillfully blended and dosed in a composition highlighting the bright richness of Italian sun-filled landscapes, trademark for Colonia.

The capsule collection has a distinctly North American aesthetic with a look back at old archives of the many trips Renzo and his multicultural design team did back in the late 80s. The collection is mainly inspired by college apparel, Route 66, and the essential Diesel identifier of workwear. This results in pieces such as varsity jackets that have been reimagined in extra-distressed leather with a new Diesel typeface in patches across the shoulder blades. A treated leather vest from the tail end of the s has patches that recall an American road trip.

For each piece, the underlying idea is the bridging of separated entities, whether governmentally land borders or temporally the then-and-now. There are four other denim trousers models, each from the s, on which contrasting waistbands have been added for differentiation. Rounding out Diesel x Diesel, there are reissued hoodies, mini-skirts, and shirts. Maison Louis Vuitton continues its emotional journey with the launch of the latest Cologne - a special symbiosis of the lightness of citrus notes and the magical richness of flowers. It tells the story of the freshness and ease of the coast and the desire for freedom. It evokes memories of the warming rays of the sun, the sound of breaking waves and the feeling of sand on the skin. The elaborate composition is a mix of fresh lemon from Japan, orange blossom filled with sun, thyme, rosemary and pink pepper.

The lively scent brings the ambience of the West Coast — a territory that is passionate and wildly creative — to life, while combining the spontaneity of the colognes with the sophistication of perfumes. Ninamounah presents her first Paris Fashion Week participation, an audiovisual piece in runway show format called "Seduce Me. Even the models move slightly feral as they were filmed walking backward and reversing the content, leaving the viewer hypnotized and at unease at first sight. The collection feature exaggerated cuts and oversized tailoring, which takes inspiration from the sexual mimicry of the animal kingdom.

Contrasting the suppleness of velvet and the discomfort of vinyl tells the story of seduction: both romantic and aggressive. The velvety antlers of male deers are the perfect paradigm seen in nature. The deception of sensuality and violence in nature, as seen in snake trails a sign of either mating or conflict , translates into the hypnotic, undulating seams in the recurring garments. The urgency of red punctuates the neutral palette as a semiotic conversation between the aggressiveness and seduction it represents in both nature and the human-made world. The neutral palette is a reflection of the unarmed state and the innocence of living beings before they are ruthlessly hunted down. For the collection, Ninamounah collaborates with artist Stef Van Looveren, with whom the brand has developed a revisited line of accessories starring their already signature bags depicting human male and female gonads in a wide range of colors, from bubblegum pink to metallic gold.

The visual story unveils as Lindsey Vonn sees the stick figures off and boards a helicopter. From there, she skis along the models wearing the intricate design pieces, wearing lace-covered fencing masks. For FW 21, Thom Browne is crossing boundaries, creating menswear for women and womenswear for men. The silhouette is a juxtaposed mix between formal and sportswear.

Drawing on the collaborative art form of theatre, the film entitled Triptych consists of three sequences set in New York, Paris and Shanghai. The film not only merges various art forms being a living performance of both dance and catwalk, but also unites cultural lenses through the choice of locations and choreographers. Both choreographies, as well as the catwalk presentation in Paris in Act II were filmed and broadcast live. Triptych is a radical, expressive study of movement and space, that brings the clothing to life by capturing the energy of the three different locations through dance and art. It ubiquitously creates a sentiment of connection in current times of disconnection, while reappropriating and reinventing the narrative of self-determined, contemporary female sensuality.

I wanted a film directed by an artist with a feel for the crossover of genres and disciplines. Not a film about fashion, nor about dance, but a film about us all and all the ways we can and must continue to reinvent ourselves. Most participants are women, dancers with a few models, though a few men dancers complete the group. The tailoring has gravitas yet is juxtaposed with the exuberance and glamour of the fluffy, shiny, and whimsical.

Easy, elongated long shirt dresses, which are belted, wrapped, structured, and lose fit tailoring stand out in the collection. The pieces vary in cut from couture to sportswear and are accessorized with roses as bags. Red lips and roses, pearls, sequins, and marabou are iconic representations of glamour. Embellished with Swarovski crystals and fancy trim in contrasted vivid tule and georgette redefine the outline of garments.

Harmonic shapes and relaxed elegance are interpreted in a snappy, metropolitan way and highlighted with bright, vibrant colors. The collection creates a mirroring dialogue between male and female silhouettes. The feminine designs exhibit elongated, slender shapes with a high waist. Embedded in the Athletic-wear attitude are touches of graphic prints and surface embroiders, that lead to a military-like pragmatism in a glamorous light.

Unexpected patchwork prints on velvet materials, alternating with knit wear provide movement and sophistication to the color palette in which bright notes of purple and pink stand out against a black base. For men, the interpretation of softness is translated into new shapes and functions. Following a flowing, deconstructed silhouette, the jackets are wide with drop shoulders and accentuated with hairy linings, in order to replace coats. The coats themselves are crafted from knitted or woven fabrics, adding stable, heavy pieces to the collection. The Capsule Collection proposes a fashion that renews its own language, to tell the story of women as they are and not as an expression of preconceptions.

Knitted slip dresses and a range of maxi and small cardigans are combined with accentuating pencil skirts. The nude sheath dress covered in black guipure lace is the key look of the collection and embodies the strong essence of female elegance underlying the aesthetics of the designs. The campaign reflects the attitudes and behaviors of the contemporary woman, who freely encompasses and radiates self-awareness and authentic personality. Furla releases its third chapter of Furlaillusions, an interactive digital platform for the Milan Fashion Week. This unique online experience allows the viewer to dive into the elegant and dreamlike Furla universe in a virtual space. Furla presents their new pieces in an endless and sky-like virtual room surrounded by soft floating clouds.

The event Furlaillusions spreads a romantic atmosphere and embodies the same mood of freedom and joyous elegance as Funfurla, the recently launched institutional manifesto of Furla. The Furla Villa and Furla Vertigine lines are also featured on the website. Additional to the playful discovery of the new collection via the platform, the story of FW21 is told via surrealistic and poetic social media filters. Following their first conjoined upcycling collection in , the two brands new line of clothing further elaborates their objective to bring innovatively designed sustainable and conscious fashion onto the market.

Cottonized hemp as a substitute for conventional cotton avoids pesticides and fundamentally reduces water use in the production of the pieces. The hemp stems from rainfed agriculture and the fibers are then softened using an innovative biotechnical method that transforms the plant-based material into cotton-like fabric. The story follows a woman who confides her most intimate thoughts in a church confessional, who listens silently. The confession turns out to be no ordinary religious ritual seeking salvation as the protagonist, a second-generation Filipino farmhand, is coming clean about her love for a white American man during a historical period in which such interracial relationships were prohibited by law.

Her confession box transforms into a time machine, with which she travels into several alternate futures in which she no longer lives in fear of the state but can love freely. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, many immigrants who came to America imagined it to be a paradise of freedom and possibility found it quite the opposite. Isabel Sandoval explores the heavenly possibility of utopia and liberation, the America that could have been, through her unique perspective as a trans woman of color.

Salvatore Ferragamo presents Gancini Iconic, the newest version of its characteristic Ferragamo Gancini-monogram. Salvatore Ferragamo was first inspired by the gancini, which resembles hooks used on doors, walls or equestrian saddles, back in the 70s, discovering them on the ironwork of gates of his headquarter at the Palazzo Spini Feroni in Florence. Donatella Versace worked to create the perfect shade of blue, inspired by nature and designed to bring happiness to the wearer. Moreover, all handbags of the collection are made in Italy from premium leather, which is selected to create a slouchy and unstructured finish.

The texture-color combination gives the Medusa Bag a modern and youthful feel, which makes an ideal accesoire for the contemporary woman. Dior presents its Spring-Summer read-to-wear looks by Maria Grazia Chiuri, which are revealed in a series of striking photographs. The collection is captured in a campaign reflecting the unique power of a painting. The photo series highlights silhouettes with an almost sacred aura of mystery as if they were subjects of paintings punctuated with shimmering shades of blue, red, and gold.

Eline Kechicheva captured the series, and the images reinvent the Dior visual language by combining precious embroideries with paisley motifs and floral designs that blossom on dresses and trousers, as well as the essential Dior BookTote. Light, fluid pieces take on the deep blue of denim. The campaign reveals virtuoso compositions, an homage to the savior-faire of couture. Joseph Beuys — , widely regarded as one of the most influential artists of the second half of the 20th century, would have celebrated his th birthday on May 12th, Michale Ruetz started photographing Beuys in the late 70s after getting to know him through mutual friends.

Piaget launches a fully skeletonized version of its celebrated Piaget Polo, the groundbreaking luxury sports watch created by Piaget in The newest interpretation of the historical Piaget Polo merges the ultra-thinness and transparency of the Polo Skeleton with the elegance of its iconic Piaget Polo look. The movement of the model, available as Piaget Blue and Titanium Grey, is completely visible and integrated into the design.

Furthermore, a thin cam timing oil control valve assembly was installed on the front surface side of the timing chain cover to make the variable valve timing mechanism more compact. The cam timing oil control valve assembly operated according to signals from the ECM, controlling the position of the spool valve and supplying engine oil to the advance hydraulic chamber or retard hydraulic chamber of the camshaft timing gear assembly. To alter cam timing, the spool valve would be activated by the cam timing oil control valve assembly via a signal from the ECM and move to either the right to advance timing or the left to retard timing. Pressed by hydraulic pressure from the oil pump, the detent oil passage would become blocked so that it did not operate.

When the engine was stopped, the spool valve was put into an intermediate locking position on the intake side by spring power, and maximum advance state on the exhaust side, to prepare for the next activation. Intake and throttle.

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