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The American Dream Immigrants

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Hasan Minhaj: Immigrant Hustle \u0026 Rethinking the American Dream

Immigrants from all over the world seek opportunity in the United States, opportunities ranging from work and education. Coming to America for many immigrants is the journey to a safe haven and once here, immigrants start their lives, begin assimilating to the culture and many, if not all, apply for citizenship. Now the process of becoming an American begins, and one must prove their. The American Dream became established during the time that immigration was increasing.

Once people entered the new society, these Americans strived to attain the whole American Dream lifestyle because it offered wealth and individuality. In order to pursue this way of life, it required hard work and time. With so many job opportunities available, those who wanted more for themselves had the chance to go and attain it. After all the hard work they completed, living the dream became a reality.

It is an interesting topic because American dream is a broad concept that includes the dream of the American nation having better, richer and peaceful life for all type of individuals in regard to their capacity and accomplishments. It is a dream that include the accomplishment of social stability and equality throughout the country in which all type of men and women are equal and shall be identified. The American Dream is an idea that has existed since the beginning of this country.

This idea is one of the main reasons that immigrants from different countries come to our country. The idea of the American Dream is that they will be able to succeed and be free from the prosecution they are receiving back home. One of the main pillars that make people want to immigrate is education, There have many issues concerning education for immigrants. In there was a case presented to the supreme court. The American Dream is that dream of a nation in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with options for each according to capacity or accomplishments.

It is a dream of social stability in which each man and each woman shall be able to achieve to the fullest distinction of which they are essentially competent, and be distinguished by others for what they are, despite of the incidental conditions of birth or stance. The idea of a better life has attracted many people from around the world to follow their dreams and create a new life for themselves in the Unites States. The taste of the American dream has become a concept most notably wished for that has attracted many people to flock to the states.

In fact, the framework has been around for generations that it might have contributed to the diversity in our country. However with the recent economic crisis America has been faced with in recent years, is the American dream even achievable anymore and will it cease to exist? Ross, Brian, and Rehab El-Buri. When people hear the words The American Dream, a lot of them just think about becoming wealthy and having nice things. On the other hand, when I hear the words The American Dream, what comes to my mind is getting a good education and following through on my dream while getting the support I need from my family and friends.

Many people want to have a specific job or atleast a job that pays quite a bit of money, but they need a good education to pursue a career. I recently interviewed forty-three year old Tony Platt who in high school had a dream to support his future family and live comfortably. I also interviewed twelve year old Tyler Salyer whose current dream is to become an elementary school teacher. The challenge to obtain the American dream is faced by all walks of life, but such a dream seems more daunting for refugees seeking their new beginnings in the United States. The American dream has many forms of meaning that touches into the freedom an American has in molding his of her life. Simply by working hard anyone can realize their dreams coming true.

This dream can mean something different for everyone. September McBride, Alex. Expanding Civil Rights. December Personal interview. The American Prospect Thomson Gale. Bridgewater State College. Many migrators move to the united states for a many reasons, yet many parents move for a improved lifestyle and to give their children with the best chance. Then again, a lot of immagrants face many diffulculties after moving to the united states. One issue would be communication barriers and the need of education sometimes forces a family to live in poorness after moving to united states. Some immigrants may not speak English which constrains them from finding decent work or locating housing to support their families.

Parents that lack education makes it difficult for them to find a comfortable salary to provide the families with their basic needs of life in the country. Immigrants started coming over from other countries trying to make the Dream a reality for themselves. Some of these immigrants came over with nothing in their pocket, risking everything just to be able to live free and obtain the American Dream. For some immigrants achieving the Dream was the best thing they had ever accomplished. From education to homeownership, the ideals of growth in America are prevailing, and it is this ideal that has helped to shape the American way in which so many presently live.

Without this ideal, America would not be the country that it is today. And the necessary strives for improvement that are made every day by American citizens in one way or another is the whole point behind the American Dream. Before the immigrants arrived, they were having hardships back at home leading them to journey to the New World. America was the place for all these people. Everyone whom was determined to enhance their lives and there was no better place to start. What this statement means is that America was a refuge for all these people seeking fee religion, justice, and respect.

This later became all of these individuals new nurturing place of settlement, a new home. It is the same hard work and relentless spirit that drives Americans to achieve greater things. Everyone having equal opportunities is another component of my definition of the American dream-equal opportunities allow for any American to achieve their dream and prosper. Without this idea of a level playing field, several small businesses and what are now large corporations would have never existed. The American dream and the mere opportunity to be who you are is what drove so many to America due to the unequal opportunities in their original home. America, the land of the free and the land of a dream we are all here for. Many know our country as a place of opportunity and freedom, which it certainly is.

Adams, in his book, describes the American Dream as a land where the life of anyone should be better and richer through the opportunity and the ability of that human being. It is also a place where everyone holds their highest stature not regarding to how or what they were born into, as Adam mentions. Compared to many other countries, America is still holding onto the idea of freedom and equality which attracts many immigrants and gives a reason for the current citizens to stay.

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