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Short And Long Term Causes Of The Great Depression

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Causes of the Great Depression

Please don't ignore that people with depression can also be lazy your definition. It is important not to make these types of claims unless they are entirely true because a lot of us might end up tossing the whole thing into our "positive BS propaganda" pile and miss the truly helpful information you have provided. I'm 35 years old.. Also experiencing depression. I'm currently working but I want to find a new job. Because I'm not motivated anymore with my current job because I'm already bored.

I want to find a new job near my place to avoid traffic but I can't land a new job. I'd been rejected. I don't know if I should consider working to another city which is very far from my home. I have stomach problems.. I have irritable bowel syndrome.. I am worried if i'm stuck in traffic and suddenly I have stomache. I actually don't know what to do now. I'm depressed, no friends to talk with.. I want to travel but my I can't afford. I want to forget my problems.. I want to be someone else Drew, that isolation sounds incredibly depressing, I'm sorry you're in that situation.

I completely understand getting bored with the job and not feeling motivated and looking for other options. Do you think you would benefit from meeting with your boss at your current job to ask for more responsibility or just a wider variety of tasks? As for the isolation, I know when I feel isolated, especially by my mental illness, I reach out to online forums. That might be a source of community that makes you feel a little less alone?

Sorry, I don't mean to try to "fix" everything, I totally get how crushing it is to wish you were someone else, anyone else, and I'm just sorry you're going through that. It eats at you, each and every task I fail to perform is a new failure that piles on with the rest and makes me feel like there is no point to anything. If failure is the end result anyway why bother trying? Ugh, Rebecca, I completely get this feeling. It totally paralyzes me some days, leaving me unable to do anything, productive or otherwise. I'm so sorry you experience this too, but I suppose it's nice that we're not alone? I haven't really figured out a way to beat back this awful feeling, but if I do, I'll leave a comment for sure. Good luck, and know you have a friend out there feeling the same way.

I feel like each year the issues and complexity of my unhappiness get even more so. As if living each day is damaging. Dark humor definitely helps, at least for me, and I'm glad you have a spark of humor to help you cope too, no matter how dark. I'm sorry it feels like your unhappiness just keeps increasing, that is an awful way to feel. Have you given therapy a shot? I read this and completely understood every bit of this and it somewhat scared me. Thank you to all of you who are able to so nicely put into words what we are feeling. As much as I wish no one had to feel this way, I take a small comfort in knowing that out there there are others who can understand me. I have been depressed for years for what seems like no reason at all and my life has been getting worse each year because of it, now it is a struggle to do things to change my mood as the anxiety it brings puts me into an instinct to run away from everything.

Rarely they are days without anxiety where I feel numb or even rarer, happy or excited but because I am not used to these emotions it gives me a massive migraine which ruins my sex drive which leads to being depressed again. I have recently started going to therapy after 10 years of suffering and the therapy is the let down I was expecting Wow, John, I'm so sorry you've had such a rough time for so long. I can relate to the feeling you described, the not wanting to die, just wanting to be someone else, anyone else. It's such a lonely way to feel, and I'm sorry you're going through that. I'm also so sorry therapy was a let down.

I'm a big therapy person, so can I ask how long you've been going? I know it can be awkward and difficult at first, and that can make it feel like it's not helping at all, when in reality, it can make a huge difference given some time and the right therapist I've definitely had a few that just didn't work for me, which might be the case for you as well. I know exactly how u feel I can't flick a switch so life is great again Ive never thought of myself as being depressed, in fact in my social life i maintain the outward appearance of being happy, its exhausting. I'm an artist and as an artist its hard to get long term jobs. Me and my partner have recently engaged, i want a house and a life with him but i just feel its an insurmountable achievement.

I always feel as if im letting him down with what feels like laziness.. I hate myself most of the time and i hate these moments inbetween where i feel I'm messing up. I am struggling with my financial problems and depression too, all these things make the situation worse around me, I want to quit my job and go home then start my career again but financially I am not allowed to do that, I want to do a lot of new things but every time what I feel is only that I can't do, I don't know how to make things better even after reading this.

It feels impossible. I've suffered from severe anxiety and chronic depression my entire life even through my whole childhood. I've never had things get easier. A tip on how debilitating this can be: I am a very intelligent and creative person. I'm an inventor and a writer. I have designed million dollar inventions on paper. Anxiety and depression make it impossible so far to actually get my idea off the ground. So I sit or hide in bed and watch people eventually invent my ideas and make millions, which of course fuels my depression.

My writing is depressing. I have wrote the beginning to over twenty different novels. Can't finish them. I just can't. It's depressing. What's worse is the crippling anxiety. Talking to people is a freaking nightmare. People never understand me, and usually always misinterpret what I say. I just don't know what to do to get the motivation or determination to actually finish something. I have bad acid reflux and irritable bowel, and other things that make it for difficult to take any meds. I'm so tired of feeling like I'm worthless. I'm so tired of feeling sad. I'm so tired of feeling angry. I'm so tired of being called lazy. I'm so tired of not finishing what I start. Most of all, I'm so tired of being so tired all the time.

The physical pain I feel from the depression, the headaches, chest pains, tiredness, fear, anxiety It's just so much. I wonder why I was born broken. I wonder why I was born tainted. I wonder why I was born unlucky. Most of all, I wonder why I was born at all. Nobody cares. Nobody understands. Nobody wants me. Nobody needs me. The world wouldn't notice of I died. Nobody would care except my daughter, which is my sole reason for living. In this imperfect world I'm about as imperfect as it gets. But that doesn't have to be bad. I see things differently. I understand things differently. I have much more compassion in me than I see in others. It gets dimmer every day, but it's there. I don't know where life is going to take me.

I don't know if life will get better. But the reason I have not and will not kill myself no matter how bad it gets and it gets so bad , is a few little things I've learned. It can always be worse. Try to tell yourself that when things get bad. It could be worse. And because it could be worse, that makes things seem not so bad. Find something small to cling to, no matter how trivial or stupid. Even just buy a lottery ticket. The hope of winning could just be enough to keep you alive.

Try a coloring book. It feels good to finish coloring a picture. It's not much, but any good feelings can have a long lasting positive effect. This is part of setting small goals. Anyways, I've gone on long enough. Reading everyone's comments inspired me to contribute whatever this is I'm writing. To everyone who suffers, please live long and prosper. I feel your pain, can relate to it. You can speak to me, you are not alone. Kohra gmail. Best regards, Kohra. Thanks for reaching out Kohra, but just as a reminder, it's not always a great idea to put your email out in the open. You are more than welcome to leave your email in your comment, but for safety reasons, you may want to remove it.

It's up to you. I feel myself in a similar position as you in terms of mental health. Although, I am 23 years old but what's written pretty much sums up my feelings as well. I am final year undergraduate and my habit to not do anything has now gotten in the way of my grades. I would often think about how to solve a problem in the assignment, call it a victory and not submit them. Then, 4 days later, it would hit me that I need decent grades to pass, so I would submit them with late penalty. My social life has become messed up too but I party blame my pornographic addiction for this. I could never figure what exactly is the truth.

The only way I now get some of the things done is by zoning myself into doing them. I just numb myself out and start doing things I am supposed to do. This way is working out for me although it kills the creative mind slighly because I don't allow my mind to wander. This is my story, and I feel a bit relaxed to know that I am not alone. Also, while writing this, I feel that maybe I am just writing this to get attention and I crave for it. Like I am just trying to let people feel sorry for me in a certain sense. So, do let me know if you relate to the last part as well. Rahul, I totally get you on the whole writing a comment to feel less alone thing.

I am desperate for external validation, so I definitely do the same thing, and I'm learning that that can be okay. I don't feel sorry for you in a pitying way, but I am sorry you're experiencing this. I'm sorry in a camaraderie sort of way, like I get it and I'm sorry you're in this place too. I definitely also numb myself out in order to get work done, which really sucks, but I'm in therapy looking for better ways to cope without having to feel numb. What about you? Have you given therapy a try? I know it's hard for a lot of people, but I've been in therapy for 6 years now, and it has helped a lot, even though I'm by no means "cured" or anything.

I hope you are in a happier space than you were back then. You are very brave to share so openly. I admire your courage. Hold on to the pleasure of completing the coloring in. Enjoy the colors. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the finished product - perhaps even display the pictures when each is complete. I imagine you coloring and being engaged in doing so. There is a real positive in this for you. I venture to suggest that you may be able to feel some gratitude and feel some appreciation for the coloring. Gratitude for the colors. Gratitude for the coloring. Might there be another way to bring colors into your home?

This is your anchor to the positive. You describe yourself as tainted. Please be kinder to yourself. If you had another organ, perhaps your spleen, that wasn't working properly you would not judge it in the same harsh way. We have brains that do things differently chemically. Please be tender with yourself. You deserve that. Having just found this link to HealthyPlace while looking for support to get myself out of despair I encourage you to keep 'talking' with your fingers on the keyboard. The end of your post included suggestions to others and a positive message. That was a major plus for me and likely to others as well. Like you I have had life-long struggles with depression and anxiety but have made it to 67 years of age.

Reading your shared thoughts produced a wave of empathy and I immediately wanted to send you some thoughts. My energy has come up a little so that I actually think I can tackle doing the dishes now. That is a tiny miracle in itself. Thank you for your part in that! Look after yourself TJR! I'm 15 and have no motivation to do my favorite things anymore.

I try to force myself to do things but than I don't like them anymore. I can't even watch any of my favorite movies or play on my new phone. I just sit on bed and watch the clock. School will be starting back up soon and than I'm gonna have to fake a smile so counselors don't drug me up on medication I don't know what do anymore and tbh this article hasn't helped I tried to reach out to friends and family because I don't feel like myself anymore, i never feel like doing the things I love and they believe its just a phase I'm going through but it's been 3 years now And as much as i dont believe it or want to admit to it, ive had depression for the past 8 years.

I got it when i was I'm just so lost My depression started in high school so I understand. I had a wonderful life on one hand but was bullied on the other hand. Have you considered therapy? I find that talking to someone helps. I also found solace in just a little bit of mild medication. I have no motivation. My parents pay my bills. Nothing interests me. I have no hobbies. I understand feeling lost. I do love my dog. Having him helps. I have a wonderful family. Anyway, back to you. Then graduation, then college. Do you have a friend you can talk to? Do you have anything you like to do? Bury yourself in that sometimes. It helps. I hope things get better for you!

Feel free to email me to talk anytime. Have you considered going to therapy? I, too have had depression since my teens. I would also consider a very mild, light medication. This is suppose to be the time of your life! You have a lot to look forward to! Okay, I've never talked to anyone about my lack of motivation Or well, i've tried but they didn't listen I'm back. I just poked around other sites similar topic. I don't think this is taken seriously. Pulling my bootstraps and holding my head high, one day at a time, is incredibly dismissive. I'm clearly not matching the, oh I don't wanna 's, but, maybe I over think, duh, but maybe is a look see? My guy woke up, and I'm still put.

Couch station, I clearly have anomosity bout it, if I had money, would I be cool with doing nothing, even celebrate couch station? Maybe since it hasn't happened mutually, answer is proly no. Pffsttft, I'm back to kicking my own ask, and, if someone really decifer s this, I'll be surprised, not astonished, r shocked, but, pleasantly, perhaps, surprised. I don't know if this site is active, nor how to use it, but I suppose it's me being my own therapy. I loving ly, refer to big Traci, oh well, I said my name, ew to b escared of it. Anyway, point being, am I capable of finding assistance talking to myself, u bet ur ankle I am. This is the meat of it, why can't I make this batter into cake? Heavy sigh. I stumbled on this site.

I'm feeling desperate, reckon. I can't figure out remedy for how I feel. I'm able to due the basic, and at times, am propelled into keeping everything afloat. I drink, cuz, I appreciate the respite, although, when I don't, I appreciate the relief of shame pressure. I'm medication daily, no antidepressants, r the like, as I know my self, and I've felt not like this, I explore this inner world, 24 7. For most of my adult life, I'm 52, stopped getting blood 2 yrs now, I know is a player, also don't consider this mental illness, on the contrary, I have never been more insightful. That said, I have no money, I've 3 awesome children, an animal family that keeps me somewhat focused, and my love, of my,life. But, alas, every flipping day, I watch drift by, I live by, tomorrow is a new day.

It's helpful to hear other such plight. I'm not jaded, I have lived a consciouslyrics energetic life, for decades, I always come back to, this has importance I'm not aware of, since I have been here, with apathy, for 5 fat years. I'm hoping someone has a gem to get me thru the day. I managed to write all this, why didn't I do the dishes, metaphorically speaking. To me, this doesn't work. Thinking about my job, if I come in and look at the 20 things on my desk, and perhaps I have the strength to tackle five things good day.

So when I leave work, there are 15 things to do. But my work never stops. When I come in to work the next day, now there are 10 new things added to my work load - so now I'm up to 25 things. I've suffered from depression most of my adult life and have I've found two really good ways to get things done. Say the garden needs tidying. You look out the window and feel overwhelmed. No way can you tackle it. So - look at one weed. They have less money to spend, resulting in reduced consumer demand. It further slows economic growth, leading to more cyclical unemployment. Being unemployed for six months to a year will almost always strain personal finances. A Pew Research study about the Great Recession found that recession affects the long-term unemployed worse than others in the areas of personal relationships, career plans, and self-confidence.

In particular, the long-term unemployed reported the following:. Federal unemployment benefits extensions assisted the long-term unemployed in their job search efforts after the Great Recession. Congress approved the extensions in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. They were reauthorized every year until The benefits provided the long-term unemployed with up to 99 weeks of unemployment checks. It helped support them until they could find decent jobs. Without the extensions, they would have had to take any job they could, leading to underemployment. This might preclude them from ever catching up as their skills became more outdated.

Unemployment benefits typically only help those who were laid off, though. Some employers fire workers for cause or ask workers to resign in return for a severance package so that they don't have to pay benefits. Workers who quit, part-time workers, the self-employed, and students or mothers just entering the workforce aren't eligible for benefits. Federal unemployment benefits were extended to the self-employed as part of the pandemic relief efforts. The weekly benefit was also increased, and you could receive unemployment benefits for an extended period depending on your situation. The long-term unemployment rate is easy to calculate because the BLS breaks down the statistics each month in its Employment Situation Summary.

The number of people who have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more is in Table A The BLS also calculates the percentage they make up of the total unemployed. This table gives you the data for the past five months and year-over-year , seasonally adjusted. It also allows you to compare the last two months and year-over-year, not seasonally adjusted. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Unemployed Persons by Duration of Unemployment. Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Accessed Oct. Congressional Research Service. Economy: Unemployment ," Page 2.

Pew Research Center. National Science Foundation. Department of Labor. Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. Part of. What Is Unemployment? Understanding the Unemployment Rate. Types of Unemployment. Table of Contents Expand. Table of Contents.

The potential for a run on the banks caused local bankers to be more conservative in lending out their reserves, which, according Short And Long Term Causes Of The Great Depression Rothbard's argument, was the why is teamwork important in the workplace Short And Long Term Causes Of The Great Depression the Federal Reserve's inability to inflate. J Alzheimers Dis. And they are a component of brain function that we can often influence to good ends. I just poked Short And Long Term Causes Of The Great Depression other sites similar directive leadership style

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